Kizik brand expansion

Kizik is a shoe company local to Utah that partnered with our class to explore brand expansion as an educational exercise. As a class, we defined Kizik’s brand identity through brand values, market placement, and users. Then, we individually chose which directions to take in our explorations.



shoe design

To speak the language of this product realm, I

studied drawings of feet and types of shoes,

researched terminology for shoe types, parts, manufacturing, and history


interviewed people of varying fashion sense and background on their relationship to shoes, buying habits and style.


Who is kizik?

A premium footwear brand that offers convenience, technical innovation and versatility in style. KIZIK streamlines your daily routine with shoes that match your motion.

Who buys Kizik shoes?

Through a series of interviews and an analysis of Kizik advertising campaigns, we determined that Kizik’s target audience can be defined as “Mature and sensible men and women of means, need and interest.”